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Copyright Infringement on the Web

Copyright Infringement on the web

Easily and readily sharing on the internet is a relatively new thing and with this evolution, many people have become confused or are simply unaware of what constitutes copyright infringement. Most people don’t intend to infringe when they take and use items they’ve found online, they are simply unaware that they are doing so. Being unaware however doesn’t negate responsibility in the eyes of the law. It’s crucial if you’re a website owner or website content creator to educate yourself on what is and isn’t copyright infringement before you begin sharing on the web.

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Facebook Dominates Social Commerce

Social Commerce

When it comes to driving sales on social networks, Facebook is king according to a recent study conducted by Shopify. The study was conducted to find out how social platforms are impacting eCommerce sales. With an average of 85% of all social media orders and a conversion rate of 1.85% coming from Facebook’s popular platform, it’s clear that it is a valuable place to be when you’re trying to sell products or services online. One surprising part of this study…

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