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Iris Healing Arts is a business owned by Reiki Master and Registered Aromatherapist, Heather Michet. For over 20 years, Heather has studied, researched and practiced natural healing techniques. Heather creates individualized healing programs for her clients that include aromatherapy, treatments, dietary changes and high quality supplement and herbal formulas.

Heather came to WaGooh in need of a website redesign that included eCommerce capability allowing her to grow her business and sell her famous products online. Her Wordpress website was designed using her branding palette as well as incorporating some soft earth tones & textures to give a natural feel. Her site was coded responsively meaning it can be viewed well on all types of devices and at various screen sizes.

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What Our Client Thought:

One of the smartest business moves I’ve made was contracting with WaGooh Graphics and Web Design to create a new website for my business. Adding e-commerce, blogging and shopping links to outside vendors were some of the many upgrades and improvements over my then existing site and it was no small set of tasks.

The graphic design and coding staff work seamlessly together during their respective phases of work, resulting in no delays or hiccups when translating the design concepts into workable features on the site.

Some of the many reasons working with WaGooh was so pleasurable and effective were:
  • Superb communication between staff and myself
  • The client owns the artwork, design, content and their site, basically instead of these being “owned” by the design company which can hold the client hostage for additional fees down the road past site launch
  • Consideration for multiple types of users ( hearing and/or visually impaired) and their devices (smart phone, tablet, desktop…) were inherent in the process
  • The depth and breadth of technical knowledge of current tools (apps, site maintenance software and more) that might aid the client and end users was mind boggling and extremely helpful
  • I can - and have done so repeatedly since working with them - heartily recommend WaGooh to any business or organization searching for a web design company. They and their work are stellar.

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    Iris Healing Arts