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Mirareed USA Facebook Page
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Mirareed USA Facebook Page

Mirareed is a Japanese auto accessories company breaking into the American market. They sell many different types of auto accessories specializing in steering wheel covers.

WaGooh was hired to design, build and maintain Mirareed's US website. We were also asked to assist them in getting them started with social media, specifically Facebook. WaGooh set up Mirareed's Facebook page, created a custom Facebook timeline cover and profile picture and started them off in the world of social media by uploading product photos and creating their first few posts.

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What Our Client Thought:

WaGooh and Tina have been great in working with us and putting together a merchant website. Tina is very talented and knowledgeable, creating the latest in graphic design and using the most current web technology to achieve stunning results. They have been patient about understanding what our needs are and helping us reach our design goal. Tina is great at communicating and getting right to work on projects.

Mirareed-USA Mike Severin
Mirareed USA