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The Oven Claw Logo

The Oven Claw Logo

The Oven Claw is such a cool kitchen gadget and the ultimate hot oven rack puller. It was created to help prevent those pesky burns you sometimes get when you have to reach into the oven. Instead of reaching in to pull out the rack out, you can use this handy tool to pull the rack out for you as well as pushing it back in.

WaGooh was hired to produce the logo, website & product tags for The Oven Claw. We really loved the unique shape of this useful kitchen gadget and thought it would be cool to incorporated it into the logo, so we did!

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What Our Client Thought:

Two years ago when my company needed a website, I knew just where to go; WaGooh Graphics & Web Design. We needed a quality front end and a design that would attract customers. All of our expectations have been more than met.

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The Oven Claw