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Recipe Tinkering Website Design
Recipe Tinkering Website Design
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Recipe Tinkering Website Design

It has never been easier to make an amazing meal for friends and family as it is now. These days it seems everybody is finding, sharing and making tasty recipes they find around the web. This type of sharing has played an integral role in the rise of many websites like Pinterest. Recipe Tinkering is one of those fabulous websites sharing flavorful, creative recipes and has much to offer including techniques, cooking ideas and culinary tips.

WaGooh was fortunate to get the opportunity to be a part of the website design and development as well as the branding process with the design of the logo, newsletter and custom graphics for Recipe Tinkering's Facebook page. This Wordpress website is responsive meaning it will view well on any screen size from mobile to desktop. We created this website with a warm yellow color palette and designed it with a wood background to give the feel of an inviting kitchen.

Because social media plays such a large role in these types of websites, social media share toolbars were incorporated throughout the website to make it very easy for visitors to pin & share recipes. Considering that visitors are going to be printing recipes from this site, we coded the recipe pages to automate print friendly pages.

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