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Sustainable Funeral Products Logo
Sustainable Funeral Products Logo Light

Sustainable Funeral Products Logo

In the last decade a lot of emphasis has been put on the importance of going green and being environmentally responsible in our day to day lives. As a society we don't typically like to talk much about death, but like many of our practices, we aren't very earth friendly when it comes to our burial methods. This company has taken it to a different level by providing products that allow us to go green even in death. Sustainable Funeral Products is an Oregon based business dedicated to providing families with renewable and environmentally friendly alternatives to the traditional burial products.

WaGooh was hired to do multiple projects for this company. As a brand new start-up, they came to us without any form of branding. We started our work with them by designing them a strong logo. It was important to reflect the natural and sustainable aspect of this company so leaves were incorporated into the logo as component of nature. We produced two versions of this logo, one for darker backgrounds and one for lighter backgrounds.

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