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Topaz Book Cover

Topaz Book Cover

"Shipwrecked while vacationing aboard a trans-Pacific cruise, Jacob Corgan and his son Brandon find themselves separated from the world they know on a mysterious and nameless island, hidden from radar and satellites. It is a place rich with ancient secrets... and peril."

WaGooh was approached by Earl Yorke, an author from Maine, for graphic design services. Earl needed an enticing book cover that could visually intrigue a reader to take an adventure with his characters in his newest book Topaz. WaGooh was lucky to be part of the test audience, getting one of the first 10 copies of this book. After reading it, we designed and created this captivating cover. Topaz will be available for Amazon Kindle on March 18, 2014.

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Topaz on Amazon Kindle

What Our Client Thought:

Tina and WaGooh are an amazing example of why smaller businesses are the way to go these days. I’d say that it’s because of the overall intimacy you experience when working one-on-one with your graphic designer, who also happens to be the owner of the company, but it goes so much further than that. With Tina, not a single detail concerning what I wanted and how I envisioned it was dismissed or overlooked, and when the final product came my way I was absolutely floored. Not only did it come in a timely manner, meeting my deadline perfectly, it came with a gushing fervor from its unrivaled creator.

I can’t wait for my novel, “Topaz” to hit the digital shelves of Amazon Kindle, even more so than ever now that I’ve seen the cover by which others will almost certainly judge it. Because of this, and all of the aforementioned praise for Tina, which I would scream from a mountain if I had one, I will always turn to WaGooh for my future cover designs. Thank you, Tina for making my book look so beautiful!

Earl YorkEarl Yorke