Content Management Systems

At WaGooh, we love us some WordPress. Our development team has tons of experience developing for WordPress, whether you need a blog to show off all your favorite pictures of your dog doing yoga, or a full blown, customized content management solution to track the Urban Iditarod. We’ve got you covered.

Super Intuitive

One of the best bits about WordPress is how intuitive it is to use, even for the non-techy-type. The interface looks like an email interface, making it feel very much like something you’ve used before. Want to add photos? It is as simple as a drag and drop. Want to write a blog post? Just start typing. You will feel like you are more powerful than Iron Man once you learn the ropes.

So Much Stuff

WordPress is incredibly flexible, with loads of functionality that can be built in to give you the custom solution you need. Need a contact form? Yep, we’ve got that. Want lots of pretty rotating pictures? Uh-huh. Private pages that only members can see? You betcha. And that is just the beginning. If your existing static site isn’t doing what you want, let us do a WordPress conversion for you.

Ooh, Pretty, Pretty

WordPress’s flexibility goes beyond functionality. WordPress themes (that’s the “look” of the site) can be pretty much anything under the sun, or hey, look like the sun, if that’s what floats your boat. Like a pack of crayons, the possibilities are endless. When we install WordPress for you and build out the functionality, we make sure that form follows function, so the look of your site supports the role of your site. If you already have a WordPress install and want a custom look, we can help you out there too. We do custom WordPress themes.